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Proper Mulching and Much More!

With Luebano Lawn Service LLC, you can expect nothing shy of perfectly professional lawn care! Our contractors have special training that teaches them how to work with all the elements of a yard to bring everything together in a healthy and beautiful appearance, so if you live in Ponce De Leon, FL, give us a call for your appointment!

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Garden landscaping takes a lot of professional effort to see perfect results. That’s why it’s no wonder people keep searching for our company and hiring us because we know professionalism and effort. And we know how to provide perfection! We will create a gorgeous landscape for you and trim your palm trees to make them beautiful!
Lawn Care

Lawn Care

You might not be sure what professional lawn care entails, and that might be because you haven’t worked with the right team or you’ve been trying to do everything on your own. Well, stop with all that! Our care entails clearing up the yard, providing quality mulching, and much more! Call now and find out!
Fertilizing and Irrigation Services

Fertilizing and Irrigation Services

Proper irrigation and fertilization of any yard are essential if you want fresh greenery and beautiful flowers at all times. It would be impossible to have either if you’re not keeping the soil moist or fertilized properly. However, there is no need for you to figure out the best way to do so. We’ll figure it out and offer to do it too!
Fall Yard Cleanup

Fall Yard Cleanup

When the fall season hits, leaves will inevitably build up in your yard, especially if you’re not taking the time to rake them away every day. And that’s not all. Fall winds bring about all kinds of debris, which prevents your yard from being clear and beautiful. Retain our fall yard cleanup, and you won’t have to worry!
Paver Repair

Paver Repair

If you’ve noticed that a few pavers in your yard have started to chip away or break apart and are worried you have to get new ones. No, that’s not necessary. You can tell our team what the problem is, and they’ll come to repair every paver that needs it. That’s what a professional hardscape contractor does, after all!

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Client Testimonials

by Stacey Conrad on Luebano Lawn Service LLC
Exceptional Garden Landscaping!

Wow - I am grateful to this company and its spectacular garden landscaping! I am a perfectionist, so it was hard for me to imagine someone else could do such an outstanding job with my yard, but I was wrong to think so! These guys displayed incredible skills, and they were really good listeners! They made my yard look better than it had ever looked before!

The Perfect Yard Easily Attained

People like to say that nothing is easy in this life, but that doesn’t have to be true for every aspect. Some things could be more easily attained than others if only you determine what direction to point your efforts. For example, if you’re exhausted from work and frustrated from the thousands of chores you already have, it’s probably not a priority to step onto the yard and start dealing with all its aspects. It won’t be easy or enjoyable in your tired state. Call professionals instead – they have all the energy you need!

Services You Can’t Help But Enjoy

When you see something excellent happening before your eyes, you can’t help but smile and enjoy the process. That’s how we’ve made countless people feel, and we hope to keep going! When we started the company, we aimed to make people happy with our services and manage every yard perfectly! We’ve been doing a stand-up job thus far and don’t plan on slowing our roll! If you want the perfect cleanup or landscape and some excellent hardscaping – you want to request our services!

More Areas We Serve

We had to start catering to more than one area because we didn’t want people to go through their routine of maintaining their yards without our help! Knowing what we could do and how passionate we are about perfection, we have to make ourselves available – it wasn’t even a choice!

  • Westville Town, FL
  • Defuniak Springs, FL
  • Geneva, AL
  • Chipley, FL
  • Bonifay, FL

Call Luebano Lawn Service LLC – a reputable landscaping company made known because of the work of its exceptional contractors! Suppose you live in the Ponce De Leon, FL area and want to have your yard managed by people with passion, determination, and extraordinary skills. In that case, it’s time to call and make your appointment with one of our representatives!